ICNAP is a scholarly organization committed to fostering interdisciplinary connections with original works in phenomenology across the full spectrum of disciplines. Planned in 2008 by colleagues from Architecture, Communicology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, ICNAP has been enhanced in annual conferences since 2009 through an infusion of colleagues in Literature, Nursing and Health Care, Psychiatry, Social Work, Education, Musicology, Ecology, and other fields that continue to expand its interdisciplinary scope.

HUSSERALIANA: Each ICNAP conference offers a special plenary panel on recently published work from the Husserl archive.  The Husseraliana Series is an invaluable resource for Husserl scholars and those whishing to understand his broad influence on subsequent phenomenologists.

ICNAP is committed to bringing expert and novice phenomenologists together.  We welcome scholars new in their explorations of phenomenology and offer special workshops on the philosophical foundations of phenomenology, phenomenological methodology, and phenomenology in clinical practice.  The goal is to bring more scholars and practitioners into phenomenological work, and to broaden the work of phenomenologists beyond textual exegesis.    

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