ICNAP III 2011 Business Meeting Minutes

Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists

ICNAP III Business Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2011, Arlington, Virginia USA


Present: Mike Barber Rodger Brommé, JoAnn Circosta, Maureen Connolly, Tom Craig, Brigitte Cypress, Lester Embree, Lee Fielder, Michael Gubser, George Hefferman, Richard Lanigan, Dimitrios Latsis, Daniel Marcelle, Jackie Martinez, Mary Beth Morrissey, Dennis Skocz.


(1) Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by L. Embree.  The agenda for the meeting was approved unanimously.

(2) Approval of Minutes from ICNAP II

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from ICNAP II.  The motion passed unanimously.

(3) President’s Report (Lester Embree)

            Submitted as document.  See Attached.

(4) Treasurer’s Report (Michael Barber)

We have $1,003 in our account.  If we want to produce an annual, we may have to raise dues. 

(5) Discussion of By Law Revisions (Mary Beth Morrissey)

            a.  Membership of Executive Committee:  The Past President shall be a member of the Executive Committee, but shall not have a vote.  Two new positions shall be added to the Executive Committee—a Program Chair who shall be responsible for the development of the conference program; and a Publication Committee Chair, who shall be responsible for publications produced under the auspices of the organization.

            b.  The following language change was proposed and seconded:  “Any member may be removed…by the President with or without cause,” shall be changed to, “Any member may be removed…by the President following consultation with the Executive Committee and by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.”  The motion passed.

(6) Nominations

            The following persons were nominated to hold the following positions:

            Fred Wertz, President

            Michael Barber, Treasurer

            Jackie Martinez, Secretary

            Eric Garrett, Member at Large (begin 3 year term)

            Mary Beth Morrissey, Member at Large (begin 3 year term)

            Maureen Connolly, Member at Large (in 2nd year of 3 year term)

All nominations were approved.

The following persons were appointed for service toward next year’s meeting:

Jackie Martinez, Program Chair

Richard Lanigan, Editorial Chair

Mary Beth Morrissey, Local Organizer

(6) OPO (Organization of Phenomenological Organizations)

ICNAP needs to send two delegates to the September meeting, which will be held in Spain.  Michael Gubser and JoAnn Circosta declared an interest in going.

(7) Editorial Committee Report (Richard Lanigan)

The next issue of the Schutzian Review will be a publication of work presented at previous ICNAP meetings.  There is space for 7 articles, but can take 4-5 more for consideration.  There will be opportunities for other publications, so please send in articles.

(8) Scholarship Fund/Financial Hardship

            There was discussion concerning reducing fees or generating a fund to support those who have difficulty paying conference fees.  The membership was generally supportive of this idea. There was discussion of creating a scholarship fund for graduate students. There was discussion of giving members the chance to voluntarily contribute to such a fund, and the possibility of folding this cost into the conference fee itself.  It was pointed out that this support should limited to one time per person.

(9) Announcements

·      Next year’s meeting will be at Fordham, probably at the Lincoln Center.  Exact date TBD.

·      Husserilian Sessions: Leseter continues to work on bringing these to ICNAP.

·      All members should send an email to Daniel Marcelle listing all publication titles for the past 3 years to update our website.  

·      A hearty Thank You to Dennis Skocz for all his work in making this an excellent meeting!

(10) Adjournment

            A motion to adjournment was made and seconded, and passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted by Jackie Martinez


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