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The Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists

May 22-24, 2015

Brock University

St. Catharines, Ontario


The Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists (ICNAP) calls for
abstracts/paper summaries to be submitted for inclusion in our 2015 meeting at Brock
University, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, May 22-24.

ICNAP (http://www.icnap.org/) is committed to fostering interdisciplinary connections with original works in phenomenology across the full spectrum of disciplines. Planned in 2008 by colleagues from Architecture, Communicology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, ICNAP has been enhanced in annual conferences since 2009 through an infusion of colleagues in Nursing, Social Work, Education, Health and other fields that continue to expand its interdisciplinary scope.

CONFERENCE THEME: "Facticity and Transcendence"

Our basic focus is on phenomenology, as a basic methodology of reflection and analysis,
which belongs to a long and diversified historical tradition. As contributors to that
tradition, practitioners across a wide spectrum of disciplines continue to exhibit a deep
appreciation for phenomenology and have been making insightful use of it. Given that
phenomenology developed originally within a philosophical framework, anyone in any
discipline relying on phenomenology in some sense already bridges disciplines. Papers
showing the fruitfulness of phenomenology in their own discipline and its relevance for
forming interdisciplinary connections are most welcome.

The conference theme “Facticity and Transcendence” concentrates on an idea
characteristic of phenomenology since its inception. On the one hand, we are always
already factically located in a dense, unreflected-on situation—a body, a culture,
sedimented meanings, or a life-world—all of whose eidetic features can be limned. At the
same time, we are always able and responsible for transcending the factical. We can do so
by becoming reflective about it, awaking from the slumber that the “factical” induces,
describing it empirically and eidetically, imagining beyond its constraints, and envisioning
possibilities for the exercise of freedom, new configurations of everyday-life norms, or
moral reform. Indeed, Husserl’s phenomenological reduction lies at the heart of this
tension between factical determination and reflective transcendence.

The conference theme, “Facticity and Transcendence,” is broadly construed and is open to analyses from different disciplinary perspectives. We seek projects exploring a wide range
of phenomenological projects that might address the traditional problems mentioned
above. Such phenomenologically framed projects can encompass theoretical and applied
dimensions. Possible topics include: how embodiment is lived, constrained, or liberated;
how existential freedom can resist or reconfigure contexts of human degradation or
oppression; how various forms of domination (e.g., racist, sexist, heterosexist, ableist, and
other forms of prejudice with which pervade the everyday life -world) can be analyzed and
described in their functioning and self-maintenance; and how related subjects can be
submitted to critique in the light of the reflective and moral standards that phenomenology
strives to articulate.

Travel and Lodging Information

Membership and Remittance Form

Submitting a Proposal - Deadline: March 1, 2015

We accept both individual papers and panel proposals; however, only a limited number of
panel proposals will be accepted. We expect participants to have 30 minutes for each
presentation and 20 minutes for discussion. The organizers reserve the right to separate
panel submissions into individual presentations placed appropriately within the program.
For individual papers, please submit a 250-500 word abstract, with the presenter’s name,
discipline, paper title and contact information on the first page. The second page should
contain only the title, discipline and abstract for anonymous review.

For individual papers, please submit a 250-500 word abstract, with the presenter’s name, discipline, paper title and contact information on the first page.  The second page should contain only the title, discipline and abstract for anonymous review.

For panels, please include the title of the program, the names of the chair and all presenters, and a 200-300 word rationale for the panel along with a 250-500 word abstract for each presentation.

No more than two submissions per person. Please make sure your submission is in Word.doc or. Docx format (no PDFs) to facilitate anonymous review. Volunteers for panel moderators are also welcome.

Submissions due by March 1, 2015. This is the final deadline.  No extensions will be granted.  Acceptances notified by March 15, 2015.

Send all submissions to Jacqueline M. Martinez (jmartinez@asu.edu) as email attachment.  Please put ICNAP VII Submission in the subject line of the email.



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